Our Options

These programs are designed to elevate the math and language arts skills of middle school students.

Enrichment (5th-7th grade).
7th graders who need to strengthen their foundation, 5th and 6th graders looking for a head start
Begins anytime. Details.

Elite Instruction (7th grade).
7th graders, pre-set schedule
Begins in July. Details.

3 Max Instruction (7th grade).
7th graders, variable schedule, practice tests, customized program.
Begins anytime. Details.

Group Instruction (7th grade).
7th graders lecture style, complete refresher immediately prior to MCVSD exam
Begins in November. Details.

Private Instruction (5th-7th grade).
Begins anytime. One-on-one needs based instruction focusing on individual skills and strategies. Call us at 732.842.7737 for details.