MCVSD Testimonials

Congratulations to the class of 2026! We worked with over 43% of all admitted MCVSD Students!

Please click on one of the links below to see our results from the MCVSD graduating class of :

  • 2026 (January 2022 MCVSD test date)
  • 2025 (January 2021 MCVSD test date)
  • 2024 (January 2020 MCVSD test date)
  • 2023 (January 2019 MCVSD test date)
  • 2022 (January 2018 MCVSD test date)
  • 2021 (January 2017 MCVSD test date)
  • 2020 (January 2016 MCVSD test date)

Our students have also been accepted into the following high schools:

Academy of Allied Health and Science
Academy of Engineering at Red Bank Regional HS
Business Administration Leaning Center at Marlboro HS
Biotechnology High School
Christian Brothers Academy
Communications High School (some of our students received scholarships)
Computer Science Academy at Freehold HS
Edison Academy (Middlesex County Academy)
Emma Willard School Troy NY
High Technology High School
Law and Public Service at Colts Neck HS
Marine Academy of Science and Technology
Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science (MATES)
Mater Dei HS
Medical Sciences Learning Center at Freehold HS
Red Bank Catholic HS
Red Bank Regional HS Academy of Engineering
Sciences and Engineering Learning Center at Manalapan HS
St John Vianney Regional HS
The Lawrenceville School

Here is what a few of them had to say…
Our 8th grade daughter is an excellent student, earning straight A’s in the local public school system. She really, really wanted to get into Biotech High School. While we felt that her primary education was good, and sufficiently preparing her for high school, we worried about the level of competition for the very few Biotech slots. Knowing that even one or two questions on the entrance exam might make the difference between an accept or decline result, Eliza decided that it was worth it to spend 4 hours a week with John and his staff tutoring and in the test prep course.  The staff started off with a full evaluation of Eliza’s math, grammar and reading comprehension skills. Then they brushed her up on troublesome concepts, reviewed areas that may have become rusty, and practiced test-taking skills. All the hard work was worth it – she got in to Biotech. We owe John and his staff a huge debt of gratitude for helping Eliza achieve her goal. – Stacy & Dave, 8th grade parents

Thank you so much for helping Carmen realize her dream of becoming a member of the class of 2017 at a Monmouth County Career Academy.  The money spent on your course was a tremendously worthwhile investment.  “I felt really prepared going into the test.  I definitely think the prep class helped me.”  That’s what our daughter said when we asked her to weigh in on the class. Thank you again for helping to put our child on the best educational path available. – Jenny and Eduardo, Manalapan

When I was taking the test, I understood at least four more math question on the test then if I hadn’t gone, and that was 10% of the test. – David, 8th grader HTHS

I would definitely recommend this class to others. I found it satisfactory and cannot think of any other ways to improve upon it. – Emileigh, 8th grader

We decided to send our daughter to the Vocational school prep classes because she was concerned about the math portion of the entrance exam. As it turned out, what she benefited the most from was the Language Arts portion! Now, this was a total shock to us, as she has always been an A+ student, and even scored a perfect 300 on her NJ ASK. John explained that the schools, at least in Middletown, do not really teach as much grammar, punctuation and vocabulary as one would think.  I guess it’s because of this texting generation, but regardless it is necessary and was on the test! We feel that if our daughter had not taken the prep course, she might not have gotten into MAST, which, has been a dream of hers since 5th grade. We would like to thank John and his staff for helping her dream become reality. Well worth the time and money spent. –  Lisa, 8th grade parent

Good News! Stephanie was accepted to Academy of Allied Health. We are are thrilled and she is over the moon! Thank you so much for your help. She said your course helped her tremendously. Your teachers are amazing and of the highest quality. – Christina, parent AAHS

My experience was a very enjoyable and productive. I came into the six-week prep program expecting to get a refresher course and be done with. The program far exceeded my expectations and has gone above and beyond in helping me get into a vocational school. By providing new approaches to problems, these lessons have increased and added to my understanding of Literature and Mathematics. Without the program, I would have been much less likely to get accepted into a vocational school. This program is very well planned, organized, and executed. I am ecstatic that I am part of the class of 2017 and wish that ExLPrep has a successful future. – Daniel, 8th grader BTHS

“When I enrolled in your program, I was preparing for the MCVSD test.  Through their program I learned so much more than I would have if I was not enrolled.  Their tips and lessons were a major contributing factor to my acceptance into the school of my choice for the class of 2017.  I am very grateful for all of their help, and I plan on continuing for their beneficial programs. – Catherine, 8th grader AHHS

Thanks for everything. Patrick got into Bio Tech. He is very excited! – Jackie, parent of 8th grade student

Blaine was accepted to MAST!!! Thank you for all of your help! – Teresa, parent of 8th grade student

Colleen got into Academy of Allied Health and Science!! She (and I) thank you for all your help! She is so excited! – Camie, parent of 8th grade student

My daughter Rebecca is in the 8th grade.  She took the class to prepare for the entrance exam to MAST and she was accepted.
Your team was professional, well organized and always kept us in the loop regarding the material covered.  The class helped guide her into what areas to focus on. The prep classes helped her to get accepted into MAST. – Robert, parent

Amanda was accepted to biotech. Your program really paid huge dividends, I will go out of my way to recommend your services!! – Jeff, parent of 8th grade student

I was well prepared with forgotten information. – John, 8th grade student

Jack has been ADMITTED to M.A.S.T. We are over the moon and cannot thank you and your talented staff enough for the quality tutoring and focused direction which clearly maximized Jack’s performance academically and on the admission exam. – Grace, parent of an 8th Grader.

We want to thank you and the tutors for helping Jonathan achieve his goals. Not all students that look for assistance with math are struggling. Jonathan was one of those students. He needed help learning how to study for him to get to the next level. And that he did! Your awesome tutors helped Jonathan achieve his biggest dream, getting into Allied Academy High School. We recommend you to all of our friends. – Laura, parent of 8th Grader.

Thank you simply isn’t enough to express how much we appreciate what you did for our daughter. The practice you provided over the last couple of months leading up to the Biotech exam was priceless. After the test last Saturday she said, “I couldn’t have done it without the extra tutoring.  She said that she learned test taking skills, how to read and understand trick questions, math that she is not learning in school and so much more. Whether she gets into Biotech or not, she is a better student and test taker because of what you offer. We are truly grateful. – Stacy, parent of 8th grade student

Thank you, Layla did an amazing job with Rachael. She was incredibly prepared and always very professional. We have always been so pleased with your tutors! Thanks again for providing an invaluable service!! – Eric, parent of a high school junior

Hi John, Gabrielle got into BTHS!! We are so happy for her. She said that the prep class definitely helped. Thank you.  –   Silvia, parent of an 8th grader

Hi Mr. Napoli, Ricky S. was accepted at High Tech. Thank you again for all your hard work. –   Cathy S., parent of an 8th grader

John, Our daughter, Olivia, was accepted to Communications High School. We are very pleased and proud of her. Thank you very much for everything! – Charissa K., parent of an 8th grader

I feel very satisfied, because the material(s) that we reviewed or learned were on the test. – Ceilie, 8th grader

John, Alex R. was accepted into MAST and will attend in the Fall. Thank you and your staff. Thanks – Charlie R., father of an 8th grader

John,  Conor L. got accepted to MAST. Thanks so much for the help! – Bill and Jeri L., parents of an 8th grader

Kelly K. from Monmouth Beach was accepted to Communications High School! Thank you! – Barbara K., parent of an 8th grader

It helped me to review and gave me good strategies to use to help me solve questions. – Jake, student

I felt prepared for the test. The teachers gave us some very helpful information, strategies, and tips. – Abigail, student

Hi John. Cassidy was accepted to MAST. Thanks for such a comprehensive review class. I know it helped. – Maria M., parent of an 8th grader

Charlie L. got into M.A.S.T.!!!!  Thank you so much for your help and instruction with the prep school!! We are so excited!!!! – Jennifer L., parent of an 8th grader

It gave me the resources I need to succeed not just on the MCVSD exam, but as well as on future tests.  It makes learning enjoyable and has taught me to be able to answer questions with confidence.  I feel better prepared for the MCVSD exam because extra grammar practice that I had access to in class and at home – Purab K.

I think the program was very helpful and was a great benefit.  The homework kept me busy and insured I really knew the skills.  The teachers also explained everything very well.  Because of the program I feel better prepared for the test.  The binders, apps, and websites that were given to us all offered lots of reinforcement – Avery L.

I think the program is great.  The language arts and math teachers were both very understanding and taught at a good pace.  I love how we go chapter by chapter and how they make sure everyone understands the material before we move on.  I feel much better about the test.  Knowing what to study makes me more confident on what I know or what I am learning.  The practices are plentiful and the chapters are very concise and easy to understand.  All of these together make me feel better prepared and more confident – Nicholas B.

My thoughts on the program are positive.  With each 2 hour class I learned something new and felt more comfortable on taking the test.  The homework given helped me challenge myself with harder problems and further prepared me. The explanation of the math and language arts problems helped me understand the concepts and each lesson taught have me an understanding on what would be asked on the test – Nicole L.

I thought the teaching was phenomenal.  I learned a lot of new skills and tactics to use.  I found taking reading comprehension tests the most helpful as that is my worst subject.  After taking the class I feel a lot more optimistic about the post test.  I learned how to carefully avoid silly mistakes and I am positive I won’t make them on the test – Prahlad J.

I enjoyed the program.  At first it was tedious and I didn’t comprehend what was being discussed.  However, I soon realized how much fun this program was – and I was learning?  It was an interesting experience and I know that I’ll miss it.  I feel prepared for the test.  However, whatever is incorrect on the post-test is what I will work on before the MCVSD test next week.  I should be alright this program has taught and refreshed my mind on a lot of things – Katherine N.

I think that the program effectively went over everything we need to know for the test and gave useful tips for certain skills.  I feel better prepared for the test.  At first I was nervous that I wouldn’t make it into the schools I wanted to but after this program I feel more confident about my chances – Jack D.

The program really was a great experience.  Not only did it provide me with a source of info to study for the test, it helped me have a source of info for any help I need in math for the year of 8th grade.  It absolutely helped me and I love all the useful information in the binder.  I was able to memorize all the formulas – Claire T.

I think that this program was very beneficial to me and my education.  I learned things I never knew along with some things I forgot.  It prepared me for the test and I feel much more comfortable taking it.  After taking this program I was confused why I had regrets about it in the first place.  The teachers and staff were very kind and are also excellent at what they do.  I feel better prepared for the test because of all the new knowledge this program gave me – John H.

I love this program as it guided me and put me on a track to success.  To elaborate, this program directed my studies to relevant and useful material.  Also, it gave unique insight into the test and provided me with material.  I am much appreciative of the services of this program.  Thank you Mr. Napoli 🙂 The binder that is give out has provided me with something that I haven’t previously encountered.  In addition, the extra practice helps 🙂 Your efforts are commendable Mr. Napoli.  Thanks for everything – Neehar G.

This program has helped me to become more confident as we approach the date of the test.  I can now grasp more challenging concepts both in math and language arts that I will use even beyond the test.  With an extensive amount of practice problems and good teaching styles, I do feel better prepared for this test.  I have grown to feel more confident in my answers and will use my new-found skills to the best of my ability – Brianna S.

I thought this program provided an excellent review on all of the topics we covered.  I highly recommend this class to anyone trying to get into one of the MCVSD schools.  I absolutely feel better prepared for the test now.  The binder was a great way to refresh and improve my skills – Andrew H.

I enjoyed being a part of your program.  The three teachers I met were very patient, intelligent, and amazing.  If I ever need a tutor for math I will strongly consider Mathnasium.  I wish I had teachers at my school that teach as well as the teachers here.  I feel a lot more prepared for the test because I know the main things I need to study for.  Without this program I wouldn’t have been aware that I lack skill in vocabulary and that I need to memorize more math formulas.  If I end up getting into Biotech I will have Mathnasium to thank – Katharine M.

This program was very helpful and it helped me have a better understanding of the topics.  It also helped me do things without a calculator such as multiplying decimals and fractions.  The material provided was very helpful, especially the binder and the website noredink.  Mindsnacks was another great app that I learned from this class and my vocabulary was increasing rapidly.   I feel somewhat prepared for the test.  I definitely feel more confident.  I think that after taking and reviewing the post-test and binder I will be fully prepared for the test – Gargi B.

The MCVSD prep program was a very interesting learning experience for me.  I thought the binders provided great practice work and the pre/post tests were helpful.  I found the extra classes that were available were even more helpful as the questions were harder.  I feel better prepared for the test because the questions and Saturday sessions allowed me to see what I had to work on and what I could review – Shiza M.

The program helped to refresh on grammar skills otherwise not taught regularly in school.  Several mathematics skills were refreshed by providing key concepts and formula practice.  The practice also helped in improving logical reasoning and the program helped to learn skills used when unsure of finding the answer to a problem.  The techniques, skills, and rules helped me to be better prepared for the test – Srujanesh G.

I think this program was very helpful.  It helped me review skills and practice new ones in preparation for the entrance exam.  Meeting with the instructors provided me with a lot of information which helped a lot.  I feel very prepared for the test now.  Having the binder helped narrow down what I needed to study as well as what I needed help with.  Overall the class strongly helped me and I feel better prepared – Madison W.

I found that your program helped a lot in the fact that it didn’t focus on just one topic or area.  We reviewed everything in both math and language arts.  You gave us a lot of helpful tips regarding certain types of problems.  I also thought that the smaller extra help classes on the side were useful because we could review things that we got wrong or needed more practice on.  I feel better prepared for the test.  The wide range of topics we covered are bound to come up on the test, so I feel like all this review and practice is going to help in one way or another – Cade R.

Without enrolling in this program I would never have been ready for the test.  I really liked the pre/post tests because they showed me where I am at and what I need to work on.  This program really doesn’t need any changes.  This program gave me challenges that I would have not been ready for on the actual test.  The fact that the post-test is more challenging than the real test is brilliant.  Thank you for this program – Malar M.

I thought the program was very helpful.  I also think that the teachers were nice and always made themselves available for extra help.  The class has definitely helped me feel more confident about taking the test.  Especially considering the people trying for the schools I know I am much better prepared now – Colleen M.

I liked the program and all the resources it gave you so you could be better prepared for the test.  I have learned a lot from this program and I think the methods you taught us will help on the test – Emily M.

I think that this program is very well conducted.  During the time I was in this class I learned a lot and I feel like it has increased my readiness for the entrance exam exponentially.  I feel better prepared for the test because of the work in this class and in the binder.  I learned a few news things and increased my ability to do other skills as well – Chimaobi C.

I thought that the program was very well done.  The teachers were very nice and the material provided was very helpful.  The strategies given us for saving time were also very helpful.  Furthermore, the websites and apps suggested to me truly helped me expand my vocabulary a lot.  Overall, the program was very nice.  I feel better prepared for the test.  In the beginning my vocabulary was very limited but by the end of the program it expanded a great amount.  Also, the formulas for the area of cylinder, pyramid, etc. were very hard for me to understand and now it is much easier for me to remember them.  This program helped immensely – Willow H.

This program was very helpful for the test.  I learned a lot in the small period of time we had.  The work at home was a little overwhelming but it did help me work on the areas I was weak in and practice the ones I was strong in.  Overall, I think that this class was helpful and educational.  I feel better prepared for the test because this class helped me study and now I am more confident that I will be successful – Angelina D.

I thought this program was extremely helpful to many kids who want to get into the school of their choice.  I feel better prepared to take the test because this class helped me improve the areas in math and literature where I was weakest.  I even learned some completely new things.  I am more confident now compared to when I began this class – Julia D.

I think that this program is very helpful in preparing for the various tests.  The instructors are nice and willing to help all of the students here.  Overall, I think that this program helped and can help many students.  I do feel better prepared for the test.  There are some important things that I’ve learned in both portions of this program, math and literature.  This class, I believe, has definitely given me an advantage – Ryan L.

I thought this program helped me review lessons that I had forgotten.  In addition, I had learned many techniques that had helped improve my understanding and knowledge.  I feel better prepared for the test because the class reviewed so many topics that were foreign; especially in the LA classes.  My grammar and spelling improved, along with my reading comprehension skills – Leah K.

I felt like the program was good.  I helped me prepare for the vocational test.  I was very thorough and covered all the material I could think of.  I am happy I did it, even though it was a ton of work.  I feel better prepared for the test because the program reminded me of the topics I forgot and reinforced those that I needed help on – Matt M.

I enjoyed this program very much.  I was excited to come because I knew this class would benefit me.  After the class was over I liked that we were given sheets for extra practice.  I feel extremely prepared for the test.  Before I started this program I had no idea what the test would be like or what I needed to work on.  Now, I have those things memorized and have extra practice for them – Nick C.

This program has definitely been beneficial for me.  I feel very prepared for the test because of this program.  I think the skills we review are extremely helpful especially the grammar lessons.  Also, the reading strategies I learned have helped me.  I feel ready for the test and I think the review of what could be on the test allowed me to be more confident.  Also, the exposure to different practice test questions has helped me improve my test taking skills – Maya I.

This program fulfilled my needs to become better prepared for the MCVSD test.  It was extremely effective and helped me to become more comfortable w/ my test taking skills and strategies to succeed.  I feel very well prepared for the MCVSD test after applying myself to this course.  I now feel more comfortable with taking the test because the teachers helped me to brush up on my skills needed to do well – Kerry W.

I believe that this program is very helpful and I have learned a lot form it.  Also, the teachers were great and happy to help anyone with questions.  This program has made me feel very well prepared for this test.  I learned lots of information about language arts and math and enjoyed my experience at Mathnasium! – Shannon K.

I think that the program was very helpful because it reviewed and explained difficult topics that I would not have been prepared for if not for this class.  The teachers were very nice and knew a lot and were very open to questions.  I feel better prepared for the test because now I have a feel for what will be on the test and I have studied what I was unclear of.  I feel like without this program I would not have been ready for the test – Andrew S.

These classes gave me an opportunity to understand what I need to re-learn and practice what I need to know for the upcoming test.  I feel this class was not only very helpful but a great meter for me to use to do even better on the test.  Even though I have no clue what the test is going to contain, this class gave me confidence to better understand the past material on tests.  I now feel ready to take on this test – Ryan D.

I feel that this program was extremely helpful in preparing me for the MCVSD test.  Although I feel this, I wish the program started earlier so I would have more time to prepare.  I also liked the idea of a pre-test and post-test because it gave me an accurate feeling of how the test would be like.  Overall, I found this program to be very beneficial.  I feel better prepared for the test because of the work I have been doing both in Mathnasium and at home.  The pre-test has also shown me what I need to work on – Winston L.

This program is a great way to prepare for the test.  I knew I had to study, but I didn’t know what to look out for.  This program led the way and gave helpful tips.  I might have joined last year as well if I knew about this class earlier.  Hopefully my work in the program pays off.  I do feel better prepared.  In the process of this program, I have learned more tricks and vocabulary words.  I have gotten better at spelling and grammar questions.  My major concern is vocabulary, but I think I will do fine – Jason Z.

Overall, this program was extremely helpful.  I got a better view on what is really going to be on the test.  Even though I will take the actual test next year, this program has provided a great head start and imminent success!  I feel much better prepared to the test.  I have reviewed the content many times so I am ready for whatever the test brings! – Tiff F.

I thought this program was helpful because it taught me information that my normal math course would not have been able to.  As for the language arts, I learned new strategies for solving vocabulary and short answer questions.  In my opinion, Mathnasium was very helpful.  I feel better taking the exam because I learned topics I’ve never even heard of before and solved those using unique problem-solving strategies – Matt P.

This program was fabulous!  It helped me so much with understanding the work needed to pass on the actual test.  At first, my grammar was okay.  I would correct people from time to time, but I never got into great detail.  Now that I know more verbal, I correct myself even in my writing.  The tips and tricks I used help me decipher what’s wrong in a sentence, etc. – Siena R.

I think your program is good.  I liked how the teachers gave us a lot of practice tests on the subjects they taught us.  I also liked how they fit in so much information with such brevity.  I feel like I got a nice refresher of what I have learned over the past couple years and had forgotten.  Also, I was not sure what should study for, but your program helped me know that I should be studying more than comprehension and math – anonymous

I feel that this program provided excellent help with key concepts needed to take the entrance exam.  I definitely feel better prepared because we reviewed concepts that I either forgot or wanted practice on.  After reviewing, I did all of the homework and now I feel much better about taking the exam – Emma H.

I think the program helped me get ready for the admission test.  It helped me become a little less stressed about the test and it also brought back some old stuff I had forgotten.  I feel prepared and ready to take the test.  Having a review on everything really helped me.  Also, getting a general idea of what the test might be like helped me prepare.  I’m still a little nervous but less than I was before I took this prep course – Elizabeth M.

The crucial language arts and math lessons I learned have helped improve my abilities in both subjects.   It has improved my opportunity of getting into MAST.  I feel much better prepared for the test and have a greater knowledge across the board in terms of education – Alec Z.