The Future Starts Here

We have been preparing students for standardized test preparation since 2009 (our history) and are experts in high school (MCVSD, ISEE, etc.), SAT and ACT preparation.

If your 7th grader is interested in applying to a specialty high school click here for details on our upcoming practice test and information session.

Students in 6th grade interested in applying to a MCVSD would benefit from our Enrichment Program.

In March of 2019 approximately 400 students were admitted into a MCVSD school; we worked with over 44% of these admitted students (our experience). 

  • Hands on Instruction

For better or worse, we live in a world where standardized testing is the norm. Generally speaking, to distinguish themselves, students must excel at taking these types of tests.

Our mission is to assist our students in gaining admission into the high school or college of their choice. We strive to provide students with a challenging educational environment, imparting the knowledge and skills that will allow them to achieve academic success in both high school and college. Through continuous academic support and personal guidance, we enable students to maximize their academic and personal potential while acquiring the discipline and study skills that will serve them throughout their academic careers and the rest of their lives.