Monmouth County Vocational School FAQs

Why would a student apply? These schools are the best Monmouth County has to offer! Our County has the highest concentration of premier high school choices in the state, perhaps the country. According to US News & World Report’s “Best High School Rankings,” three of our counties five public academy high schools rank in the top ten list of best high schools in the state (#1, #2, and #9). Two of these schools are ranked #10 and #17 in the country overall and one is ranked the #1 STEM school in the country (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). For a complete listing of the schools please scroll down.

Are you affiliated with the MCVSD? No. We are an independent learning and test preparation center.

Why are these schools in such demand? As reported in USA Today, The reasons for demand is evident, says Ashley Parker, spokeswoman for the Association for Career and Technical Education, from costs saved on exploring majors in college to improved academic performance. “Kids who go through CTE programs do better on standardized tests; they’re less likely to have to take remedial classes, because concepts that are so difficult for other kids to learn, they see them applied in these programs,” Parker said. “These kids are able to go through the program, maybe save themselves a couple hundred thousand dollars before they spend it on a four-year program in which they don’t even know what they’re going to do,” Parker said. Click here for complete article and another here in the Asbury Park Press.

Does your preparation program work? As a result of our review program, your student will score higher on their entrance exam. Listen to what some of our students and parents had to say about their experience.

Who is eligible to apply? These programs are generally only open to 8th grade Monmouth County residents.

What score does my student need to get in? That varies by school. In 2015, to get into HTH or BTH you needed to score about a 94, Allied about a 85, Communications and MAST about an 83. Please note this information is based on a subset of scores reported.

What are the admission criteria? Admission is based on a weighted combination of 7th and 8th grade GPA and on a district admission exam taken in January of 8th grade. A combination of these components translates into a student’s score. The higher the score, the higher a student’s potential for admission. For a detailed description, review this MCVSD class of 2017 admission criteria presentation. 

How do you apply? Application is open to 8th graders who must attend an information session, complete an online application, provide transcripts, and take the admission exam.

How much does it cost? These schools are free.

How competitive is the field? Entry into one of these schools is competitive—that is, more students want to enter the freshman class of a given academy than there are openings in that class. Generally, about 20-25% of the students who apply are admitted. Scores are assigned to applicants based on academic records and performance on the entrance exam. The maximum score is 100 and the minimum score to qualify is 75.

Is my child positioned for entry into one of these schools?
70% of admission is based on a standardized test, 30% on 7th and 8th grade school grades. The best indication of a student’s cumulative knowledge and test taking ability are exhibited via standardized testing. Your student should demonstrate a high ranking among his/her peers (beginning in early grades) on the NJ ASK, TerraNova, ERB, or similar. High grades for 7th grade and first marking period 8th grades are also very important.

How do you prepare for the admission test? By reviewing math and verbal topics essential to testing success. The admission exam tests cumulative knowledge; sometimes fundamental concepts are forgotten, especially for the advanced student who, for example, may not be currently practicing geometry which was taught in prior grades. Additionally, eighth graders may not be skilled in standardized test taking strategies. A student should be refreshed on all relevant topics so that they can complete the exam in time and with confidence.