ACT/SAT Math Comparison


There are differences between the SAT and ACT (see our comparison), but with the ‘new’ SAT, the tests are more similar than ever.

The biggest differences are within the math segments.

The structure of the math questions between the two tests are very different. The SAT does not permit a calculator on about 40% of the questions and includes open response questions (grid-ins). The ACT includes more geometry and trig; the question types are more straightforward but also more diverse.

Just like deciding between vanilla or chocolate, the best approach is to try one of each and then make an informed decision. Once you decide which test to take, effectively prepare for that test as preparation to take the one test will not be the same as preparation to take the other.

Call us to schedule a math only SAT and ACT practice test.

We will grade and provide students with a summary comparison so that they can make an informed decision; sprinkles are optional (rainbow or chocolate?).