Focused SAT Preparation

Our SAT and pSAT Courses are an excellent and efficient way for students to get the testing strategies and concept review they need to help bolster their scores on test day. We provide students with a highly personalized tutoring experience that tailors instruction to their key strengths and weaknesses. Lessons move at your child’s pace, a major distinction from the one size fits all approach of many tutoring facilities. 

The courses are led by our instructors who scored in the top 1% on the SAT and ACT.  Students will take weekly practice tests and 3 full-length SATs the week before the 8/25 SAT test. Our SAT Courses also prepare students for the pSAT with National Merit status in mind.

Skills Reinforcement. No amount of tips and tricks will help students do well on the SAT and pSAT if they don’t have a strong foundation in math and English. We will refresh and strengthen skills in these tested academic concepts.

Test Taking Strategies. Once students do have the skills they need to succeed, we also make sure they know how to manage their time, tackle each type of question, and make educated guesses.​

​Individualized Practice. We’ll spend lots of time doing guided practice to ensure that students hone their skills and strategies. We’ll also assign and analyze homework to hone in on individual student strengths and weaknesses. 

Maximum class size is 8:1 student to teacher ratio.

Our program includes in-class preparation and weekly practice exams that not only track student progress, but also help our instructors prescribe the most relevant content according to students’ specific needs. Exl Prep’s SAT program delivers on what it promises- a customized plan-of-attack that combines concept-specific instruction and curricula with section-specific elimination methods and strategies. 

Enrollment Options

Spring Schedule to be announced shortly


All sessions meet at 500 Rt. 35, Middletown NJ (click here for location map)

To keep course costs low we only provide refunds under limited circumstances. Upon registration, 50% of your course fee automatically becomes a non-refundable administrative fee; this is included in the price of every course. If you decide to cancel prior to the Monday before the scheduled start date of your course, we will refund your course fee minus the 50% non-refundable administrative fee. There are no refunds after the Monday prior to the start date of the program.

Please use this link to check availability, register and to agree to our refund policy above.