MCVSD Practice Tests


The best way to prepare for a test, once requisite skills are in place, is to take practice tests as they are an excellent practice for the real exam. It is optimal for students to take multiple tests written by multiple authors and then focus on their mistakes. They need to recognize question types and associated/alternate methods for successful completion.


Each practice test session is 3.5 hours long. During the first two hours, students take a one hour math and a one hour LA practice test. We immediately grade and return their results (sample here) and then review mistakes (1.5 hours). During the review we explain as many questions as time permits, ordering our review by most prevalent mistakes, amplifying requisite skills and strategies.

Students take the tests, their results, and details on how the class performed on each individual question home. Summary statistics are emailed home before the end of the day (a sample of shared results).

It’s all about conditioning them for the big day (managing their time, being prepared, finding weaknesses, reviewing forgotten topics, waking up early).


Each Practice Exam will include a unique math and language arts test. The questions will be similar, or slightly more challenging than the MCVSD entrance exam. These exams have not been used during any other program this year.

Please note that the same exam is given at different times during the same weekend – sign up for the time that meets your family’s needs but don’t sign up for the same exam twice! For example, Exam 11 is offered on 1/20 at both 8:30 and 12:30pm.

Note that the following list displays availability as of 1/8/20 – it does not update with actual sales nor schedule changes – please check current availability here.

Exam #09Sat 1/11 10:30-2pm *OR* Sun 1/12 1-4:30pm sold out
Exam #10Sat 1/18 10:30-2pm sold out *OR* Sun 1/19 1-4:30pm
Exam #11 – Mon 1/20 8:30-12pm *OR* Mon 1/20 12:30-4pm

Enrollment Details

$60 per exam – enroll with this link.

There are no refunds nor accommodations for a missed class with this program – however, you can cancel a session up to 48 hours in advance and reschedule into an available exam provided there is space. These changes must be completed online.

All sessions meet at 500 Rt. 35, Middletown NJ (click here for location map)