MCVSD Practice Tests

The best way to prepare for a test, once requisite skills are in place, is to take practice tests as they are an excellent practice for the real exam.

Our practice tests start early to condition your student and expand their experience (you may know one who thinks breakfast is not important, a good nights sleep is overrated, or winter coats are superfluous) for the real test. We want them to practice waking up their minds and bodies.

We suggest that students rise at least 2 hours prior to exam time, have a solid breakfast and complete some form of physical activity to wake both mind and body. Put them in peak performance; don’t let them just roll out of bed still half asleep with a fuel-less tank.

OK, about our practice tests

It is optimal for students to take multiple tests written by multiple authors and to then focus on their mistakes. They need to recognize question types and associated/alternate methods for successful completion.

During the first 2 hours students take a full length math and LA practice test. We then spend 45 minutes reviewing each of the math and LA questions that require review, reviewing both skills and test taking strategies.

Students take the test home, along with the answer key, and a breakdown of which questions were incorrect; as well details on how the class performed on each individual question (sample here). Summary statistics will be shared with parents (a sample of shared results).

It’s all about conditioning them for the big day (eating breakfast, getting enough rest, managing their time, being prepared, and generally putting pressure on the tank to find any leaks). After 1/19 they can sleep late!

Each session will include a unique math and language arts test designed to be similar, or slightly more challenging, to the MCVSD exam.

Schedule to be posted on or about September 1st.


All sessions meet at 500 Rt. 35, Middletown NJ (click here for location map)

There are no refunds with this program.