High School Bound

We offer specialized options designed to prepare students for the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE), Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT), Monmouth County Vocational School District (MCVSD), Freehold District (FRHSD) as well as the COOP, TACHS and High School Placement Test (HSPT).

Each year the MCVSD receives about 2,200 applicants and admits 400 students into one of their Career Academies.

During each of the past 3 years, we have trained over 25% of these admitted students (results on our class of 2020,  class of 2021 and class of 2022). Class of 2019 results here.

Experience matters.

Since 2010, and every year since, we have reviewed the MCVSD admission test with a small group of our students (immediately after the test) to gain insight into test composition to enhance our methods.

We are often asked, “How competitive is my student vs the competition?” Find out with our mock exam. Details here.

Find out about our MCVSD program options here.