Focused Preparation

Our college admission preparation is an excellent and efficient way for students to get the testing strategies and concept review they need to help bolster their scores on test day. We provide students with a personalized tutoring experience that tailors instruction to their key strengths and weaknesses, focusing on either the pSAT, SAT or ACT.

Need’s based lessons move at your child’s pace, a major distinction from the one size fits all approach of many tutoring facilities. Our maximum class size is 3 students per teacher. 

​Individualized Practice. One size does not fit all! Each student will work on a program, pSAT, SAT or ACT, customized to their specific needs. We’ll also assign and analyze homework to hone in on individual student strengths and weaknesses. 

Test Taking Strategies. Once students do have the skills they need to succeed, we also make sure they know how to manage their time, tackle each type of question, and make educated guesses.​

Practice Exams. Practice makes perfect; students will take 3 full-length practice tests to improve timing and to re-focus needs.

Our program delivers on what it promises- a customized plan-of-attack that combines concept-specific instruction and curricula with section-specific elimination methods and strategies. 

Flexible Schedule. Set up a schedule that works best for your family; each session is 3 hours long and is split between math and LA. We offer the following time slots; classes begin 7/8.

Monday 9-12, Tuesday 5:30-8:30, Wednesday 9-12, Thursday 5:30-8:30, and Saturday 9-12.

We suggest students attend twice per week; you decide how many times and when they attend. Weeks need not be consecutive. Purchase a book of 8, 12 or 16 visits and schedule these visits online. Cancellations are permitted, however, if a class is not canceled at least 48 hours in advance it is considered used.

8 visits, 24 hours instruction – $1,295
12 visits, 36 hours instruction – $1,795
16 visits, 48 hours instruction – $2,195

All sessions meet at 500 Rt. 35, Middletown NJ (click here for location map)

Please use this link to check availability, register and to agree to our refund policy above.